Final Post :(

Hey you guys,

I know it's been QUITE a while since I posted, and you've all missed a lot in my personal life, but not a WHOLE lot in the life of the house.

House Update:
It is now February.  The house is still mostly open, the bathroom looks the same as in the previous post from August.  The geothermal system has been completely installed outside (wells drilled, pipes run into the house, and the air handler is installed in the basement).  Hubs had the ductwork delivered and has begun installing it himself.

This post isn't going to do Hubs any justice, unfortunately.  That is not from my desire to NOT post what he HAS done, but rather, due to what has happened in our personal lives.

I moved out of the house with Lil C in September, and Hubs and I have filed for divorce.  His career has taken him to upstate New York for the next couple of years, and he will continue to work on the house in his spare time.  Because I moved out, I honestly and unfortunately am unsure of all the small things that Hubs accomplished between the time that I moved out and the time he moved to NY.

I know he has amazing plans for the kitchen, he has purchased enough insulation and wiring and ductwork and bathroom fixtures to complete the projects.  He is now struggling with finding the time and warmth to finish up each project, one by one.

Anyway, consider this blog done and closed out with a sad ending.  I have zero doubts that Hubs will some day complete the house and it WILL be as beautiful as the visions we once shared, but I will not be part of that journey, and I will not post pictures here of the completed house.  I will leave this blog up for anyone who finds it humorous or helpful for now....  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Best wishes for all, and good luck on to new travels..........


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