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Good morning!  If you need pictures to make it through my posts...just go away now. This one doesn't have any.  Hard to take pictures of the future.  ;)

So now that the plumbing crisis has been mitigated, we are now focusing on the next steps.  Here it is, mid-August and we have a LOT of uninsulated walls.  Hell, the basement is STILL missing all 3 windows, the door, and 1 piece of plywood.  The bathrooms upstairs are open to the attic.  The kitchen, den, and entryway are also missing ceilings.  The outside walls of the den and kitchen are exposed out to the plywood.  We need to get all this stuff insulated and closed up before winter hits.  And preferably before FALL sets in around 6 weeks from now.

We have begun the process of getting a geothermal heating system installed.  And by started, I mean we got the final proposal and the guy was on vacation this week.  Guess we'll actually get down to business next week on it.  That whole process will consist of drilling holes in our yard, digging trenches to the house, putting an air handler/heat exchanger in the basement, and Hubs is going to run the ducting himself.  I'm honestly not too thrilled about his choice there, but the company wants to charge us over $10k to do it and we really just can't afford that right now.

And, before he can close up all those exposed walls, while the geothermal company is working on the drilling and ordering equipment, Hubs needs to run all new electrical in the house. Half the outlets in the house don't work right now.  There is one working outlet in the basement for my washing machine (ok, and another for my dryer).  There are two in the living room for the TV & all its components and for the power tool battery chargers and for our computers.  Can you say "power strips"?

After the plumbing took so long and became so involved, I'll be honest, folks, I'm terrified of the electrical project.  He's taken down a lot of outlets to tear out a lot of drywall.  He's been pretty busy at his day job, so I haven't talked to him much and don't really understand what his plan is for running the electrical.  All I know is he wants to tear out more drywall this weekend since we have the dumpster.  I know he can and will leave the working outlets as they are, but... I dunno.

I had a whole lot of confidence when we started this.  I thought I understood the whole process.  I honestly DO understand the whole process.  What I have realized that I still DON'T understand is the inner workings of Hubs' brain.  I understand how projects COULD progress, but I cannot view the world through his eyes.  I can't predict HIS moves.  And that tends to get kind of scary after a while.  We've been going through a rough spot recently (yes, I hear your sarcastic "Noooo, REALLY?") and we're working on communicating better, but at the same time, we're running out of warm weather to be TALKING about how to progress and we just need to get started on DOING it.

So anyway, that's where we are.  Start geothermal drilling & ducting.  Run electrical.  Insulate. Throw up the drywall.  Turn on the heater and tape, mud, sand, and paint as we have time later.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I'll take pics if we do anything cool this weekend, and I'll check in with you guys early next week!

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  1. UGH,is all I can say,too much to think about!!!


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