Welcome back... to my getting-better disaster

Hi folks! 

Sorry I had this on hold for so long, but I just couldn't bear to keep taking pictures, or to keep reporting that the bathroom just wasn't coming along as fast as we hoped.  Here's where we are!

This is where we left off.
Since then:
We drained the pool and it filled back in...

Hubs built a wall...
I helped. A lot.
I measured and marked.
I cut.  (Pardon the crazy angles... Lil C actually took these!! I love that I have an entire sequence of every move I made from setting the board down to walking away with it!) 
Hubs continued to build.
Lil C continued to play and be adorable, as always.
The baby bird hatched.  Then we moved the nest.  Mama Bird found him just fine.  Then he fell out onto Lil C's play structure platform and died. So sad. 
Then I threw the Biggest. Hissy Fit. Ever.  So we bought a cheap camper so I could have running water and a stove to cook on.
Hubs installed a PEX water supply manifold and spent a couple weeks routing all the lines....
Then we invited the plumbing inspector out and he gave us a passing grade:
You should have HEARD this guy go on and ON about how Hubs did a good job!  Makes us wonder who the  heck the poor guy works with all day!
And finally, after 6 weeks of miserable lack of facilities within the house, we now have a working toilet AND shower!
Hey look!!! There's a wall, and a toilet, and a tub/shower, and running water, and working drains, and connections for  all the other stuff we'll put in someday... like another toilet, and a shower, and a vanity in Lil C's bath and double sinks in ours...
Boring words and no pictures to follow in tomorrow's post!  Thanks for reading!

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