Not as much as we'd hoped....

So, I'm not gonna bother with any pictures, nor to go into too much detail about the progress over the last week.  It wasn't as much as we'd hoped, and it wasn't for lack of effort or hours put in.  We spent Hubs' entire vacation moving plumbing, sistering joists, and replacing subflooring.  The house does still mostly work, but it's getting ugly.  The pictures of the destruction depress me too much, so I'm going to halt this blog for a couple weeks until we have enough progress for me to show you something that will *wow* you.  Thanks for understanding.

Also, feel free to "Like" my page on Facebook, as I may put up an occasional photo or quick progress update (and I'll also update there whenever I DO put up a blog post here!)

On a side note, we did also have Lil C's 4th birthday party!
They all had a blast with the pinata.

Group photo of everyone who attended.  Except Chuck who took this photo and REFUSED to be in it himself.  But we love him anyway for coming out and taking TONS of wonderful photos.  What an awesome friend! :)

All 3 of us while Lil C opened her gifts.

Chuck played with his camera's filters and I LOVED this pic!  She's pouty and pink and very spoiled-princess-ey.

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