Back to the grind

I apologize for the LONG lack of house-related posts, but, quite frankly, there just hasn't been anything going on here!  Hubs has been doing some stressful procedure at work that's adding to his workload and draining his time and energy.  The good news is that we've created an approximate 10-day plan, and he's taking vacation next week!  We want to be sure to maximize his time at home!

Tonight is Night 1 of that plan.  Rough-in the half bath was the title of tonight's project.  Words mean things, and we did NOT get anywhere near a true rough-in; however, I think that Hubs has achieved what he intended to when he said that.

This is the area we're talking about; this is where we are putting a half bath.  The quilt went up during move-in week, and it came down today.  No, I didn't cry.  But I thought about it.  Mom, it's safely stored upstairs, please don't worry. :)  (To everybody else, my mommy made that quilt for us!)

The door you see through the opening used to be a closet.  The back of that closet stuck out into the garage.  Eventually, that door is going to be my normal garage door entry!  I'm totally stoked that Hubs thought of this!  The front door is around that wall to the left (by the vacuum....that wall is TOTALLY coming out!), and you can see the stairs lead up to the right.
"Before"  ....from move-in week.
"During" - Hubs cut up the carpet.  This is where the half-bath is going!
I can't bring myself to take pictures of drywall removal in the main living spaces of my house.  Besides, I was a LITTLE too busy actually carrying the drywall OUT of my house.
And where did I put it?  We got a FOURTH dumpster today!  Yay!

Hubs did a WHOLE lot of measuring and drawing with pencil, then he drilled the centerline of the toilet.
Skip forward past a whole lot more measuring, and VOILA!  A toilet hole!
Run down into the basement to be sure that things are going to line up properly (they didn't...he rearranged his plans).
Clean up?  A breeze when you have a built-in HOLE IN THE FLOOR!  (...which dumps it all right in the center of the basement...) :/
How it looks now.  And probably will look for a while.
The toilet flange (that white thing in the rightside of the cleared space) is just sitting there so that stuff doesn't fall into the hole.  The sink will be in the corner, to the left.  See the door bell on the left?  We'll be taking that entire wall back, so it will be flush with the new bathroom wall.  That's about 26 inches.
My entryway now.
I let Hubs rip into that a little bit in the center.  See how there is a wall to the left?  And the doorbell is on the right?  We want to take away almost 4 feet of wall from this area, so he wanted to be sure they aren't structural.  They aren't.  We're happy.  Well....Hubs is happy with his discovery.  I'm happy that he helped me clean up all the drywall.  Immediately!  I'll be even happier when the offending walls are gone. 

Look for another post tomorrow - we're headed to the basement to start back in on that huge gaping hole in the back wall!

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