Not As Much As We'd Hoped... But More Than We Planned

Well, the title tells you how much we got done today.  Hubs laid cinder blocks 2 nights ago for another 1/3 of the back wall, then today we filled them with concrete.  Boring stuff, not really worth of pictures.  But I'll show ya one anyway.

All those cinder blocks that are stacked - those are now laid from the left, through the back of my dryer (but not quite to the drain stack - we still haven't fixed that yet.
Something that IS picture-worthy, however, is the fact that Hubs had a partially-used bag of mortar sitting inside a cardboard box inside The Termite Room.

Know what makes that hole pattern?  I'll give you a hint: It's not called The Termite Room because it's filled with rainbows and unicorns.
See those bricks in the wall?  The box was sitting next to that.  Nowhere near wood.
Major bummer.  But we're still fairly confident that they won't eat our newly built, pressure-treated, water&ice dammed, cinder-blocked wall.

After killing our backs putting 4 bags of concrete into the newly-laid cinder blocks, we got to fun stuff - continuing to TRY to drain the pool.  This girl spent HOURS this morning trying to get the hose to restart its siphon effect, but the Laws of Physics (don't you DARE ask me which ones) won over the Will of Krista.  I gave up, life went on.

Later, Hubs jumped in and got destructive.  We're not sure it really did any good, but we had fun anyway.
Liner, foam insulation, and then the walls say "Galvanized Copper Steel".  ....Um, what?
Trucking right along, Hubs quickly got the entire shallow end pulled off the rigid walls.
Then we threw the liner back a little, and wound up with A MESS.
Meh, live and learn.  Right?
What it looks like now.  Sand and still 6 ft of water....
We really don't know what we're doing when it comes to getting this pool OUT of our backyard.... We'll figure it out.  We're not in a hurry....

 Changing the subject again, I went to the scrapyard last week to cash in on all that aluminum siding that we pulled off The Gaping Hole.  And acquired a 1" long, 3/8" thick, square-headed bolt.  In the tire.  So Hubs put the spare on our truck today.  And by the time he pressed up the air compressor, he decided it would be a good time to check ALL the tires - my car, his daily driver, the others on the truck, the hand truck/furniture dolly, the snow blower.  And then, because he touched the snowblower, he remembered that he hadn't "summer-ized" it.  So then he added Sta-Bil, cleaned the spark plug, yada yada yada.

And in the middle of it all, we had a good friend come out and take a tour!  I love showing off our crazy mess of a house.  Explaining to other people what we plan to do keeps The Vision forefront in my mind, and allows me to overlook the crazy mess that's actually here.  It also keeps me from hyperventilating while thinking about shuffling all my stuff around the house 17 times and cleaning all the drywall dust off everything.  Or worse, NOT cleaning dust off anything and watching nearly-new stuff go bad from being coated in Construction Film. Blech.  So yeah...

Tomorrow we're headed to Maine with some friends, and Hubs works all day Monday.  Maybe we'll get something done tomorrow evening.  We'll see.  Hubs has vacation starting on Tuesday, so expect daily posts starting Wednesday!  See y'all soon!

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