End of Back Wall Tearout

Welcome back... I'm glad you stopped by!  Sorry I haven't posted much - we haven't DONE very  much before today.  Work comes in spurts around here...

Question: Have you ever wondered what $600 worth of PVC piping looks like?  Yeah, me neither.  But here it is anyway.
Ignore Hubs' orange level (and the housewrap roll, and the sump pump plumbing), but all those connectors, all those tubes, all 3 gray bags...
We spent 3 hours in Lowe's on Thursday night.  I haven't written much here lately because Hubs was busy drawing up plumbing plans to show the inspector BEFORE we went and bought/installed all this stuff.  So Thursday evening, Hubs came home from work, we took the plans to the inspectors, then we came home and dropped off the car and took the truck to Lowe's.  (That's a 30-minute drive, by the way.)  When we got there, Hubs realized he'd left all his plans in the backseat of my car.  FAIL.

We went in anyway, and Hubs was able to buy every bit of what you see in that photo from memory.  After all, he DID just spend a week designing everything, right!?  Well, I'm impressed anyway!  ....The cashier wasn't too impressed when we showed up in her line 15 minutes before closing, but she finished in about 10 minutes, so she doesn't have anything to complain about, right?

Today, Hubs built me another spiffy hanger for putting up a second run of temporary support wall, so we can tear out the rest of the back.
See it down there at the end?  It helps soooooooooooo much!

Where the two temporary supports meet.

And then Hubs proceeded with the last bit of basement tearout.
"Before" ....ish, as always.

The bottom plate.  Totally rotted. :(

This is the underside of the previous picture.  And my shoe.  Our house was resting on ROT!

Now it's ALL out!

"But Krista," you ask, "where did you PUT all that wall material, since you don't have a dumpster anymore!???"  Oh, that's not what you're saying?  You didn't know I got rid of the third dumpster?  My bad.  Maybe that's because by the time they took it away for the THIRD TIME, I figured it wasn't a note-worthy event.  Anyway, this is what I did with the debris:
As organized as trash gets around here.  It gives me something to do when we DO get the next dumpster.....in a while.... We're not ready yet!!!
Lastly, an update on the pool.

Hubs put about double the recommended dose of chlorine into it - after 1/3 of the water had drained.  So in two days, it's cleared up quite a bit, don't you think?  All our friendly forest animals have stopped dying in our pond pool, since they can't really REACH it anymore.  No more furry drownings, no more toads, and - thanks to Hubs' shock treatment - I'm pretty sure no more mosquitoes.  And it's still draining... there are about 3" left to go in the shallow end.  I hope to post a picture before the weekend is out of a dry-bottomed shallow end!  Then... another three weeks before the deep end empties???  Good thing we aren't in a hurry!

Tomorrow I'm mowing the jungle and baking some bread while Hubs works on a Sunday.  Also, these next two weeks might be slow postings, since he is expecting to be working extremely late on some intense project at work.  We'll see how much we get done...he's not hopeful. :(

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