Pool ...Or Is It A Pond?

I'm not sure there's much of a difference these days between my mom's pond and my pool.

Look VEEEERRRYYYY carefully at the white skimmer box by the diving board.  See him?

NOW can you see him?  
Boy, did he STINK!!!  Hubs opened up the skimmer top and nearly keeled over into the pool.  Toads have always attempted to inhabit our pool, and the big fat ones know that we have LOTS of trouble getting at them when they sit in the skimmer between the suction part and the pool face, so they like to hang out there fearlessly.  Hubs DID manage to get this one out by putting the net in front of the skimmer box and poking the toad out from behind.  Then he tossed him over the fence and hopefully he hopped AWAY from our yard.  AHAHAHAHA!  RIGHT!  I think we ALL know that's not the case.  But I'll keep telling myself that.

We find all kinds of amazing small animals in our pool.  Lots of toads, mosquitoes, and water bugs, of course, but we also find dead rats, moles, and chipmunks.  But yesterday, I saw a first.

Mom: LOOK AWAY.  Do I have to tell you twice????

A cute little water snake!!  Actually, there were two.
Hubs got two of these little snakes out yesterday, too!




I'm trying to take up space.

So my mom can scroll down.

And get the icky icky snake off her screen.

Cuz I love you, Mom!

But I couldn't resist putting the little guy's pic up!

We now resume our regularly scheduled blog programming.

We are also emptying our pool, as the mosquitoes have simply become unbearable.  I have tried dunks for a little over a month now, but I'm almost out of them already and they just aren't helping.  So out with the water!!!!

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