End of the Den Tearout

Well, this post is to show what we finished Thursday, right before I left for the weekend.  If you'll recall, we began tearing into the den early last week.  And here, we have finished it!  Well, we finished tearing it out, anyway.  My apologies for any poor picture quality - likely due to dust in the air.

We took out all the insulation, and finished taking the bricks off till the level of the mantle.  Also notice the black area between the two leftmost studs.  And those studs to the left of the fireplace?  The gaps measure, from right to left: 19", 16", 9", 6".  I guess the builder left his tape measure at home that day?

I know this pic is very dark, but it shows the outline of the mantle best.

Can you see how shiny this plywood is?

Direct result of gutter failure.  We'll be sure to get the gutters replaced and replace this plywood.

Hubs tried to get most of the wood off this particular corner.  He had to take a break.  Of all the shoddily-built things in this house, these 6 pieces of lumber seem to be immovable.

The carpet was quite messy by the time we finished!

So we folded it up and threw that crap away!!!

Pulling up the carpet revealed that this room once had the exact same linoleum as still currently occupies the kitchen.  Blech!

Lastly, as we were finishing up for the evening, I looked up and saw... our Christmas ornaments!!  (There is an attic space above the den.)

Attic View:  See the ornaments just to the left of center? :)

And then we showered and went to bed!  The end.

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