"No Work"

Good morning!  Well, "no work" last night turned into big bucks in permits and some tinkering on Hubs' part.  We dropped off Lil C at a sweet neighbor's house, then ran off to the town hall and spent 30 minutes and hundreds of dollars on permits and pre-paid inspections.  Yay for us.  But at least it's getting done right.  That's what we'll keep telling ourselves, anyway.

And, to relieve some of Hubs' stress (the man HATES spending money....funny, huh?), he put together my brand new lawn mower and trimmer!  (Yeah - cuz THOSE didn't cost a decent amount, too!)
Hub's head is cocked funny cuz he was on the phone - his mama called because she received the Mother's Day flowers he sent her! 
And that made up our night of "no work".  Today will bring us a new dumpster and the opportunity to begin the Termite Wall Tearout!

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