Point of No Return

We have, most definitely, hit the point of no return. The proof follows.
Beginning of the middle.
That silver stuff is what passed as house wrap, as nearly as we can tell.  It was probably like kitchen foil with a paper grocery bag backing.  Now it pretty much crumbles in our hands if we fold it. See all the gaps they left between sheets, too?  Fun stuff around our house...

We interrupt this broadcast to prolong the current "after" shots, and to nit-pick on other fun stuff we found.
Focus on the black parts.
This is half-done.  They should have started with black tar paper underneath, then put the sides over it, then put a top sheet overlapping both sides.  But no.  Of course not.  As with everything else in this house, it was half-assed.  Literally, this time.

Remember that spot I pointed out earlier and said "that's the siding"?  Here's the hole.
Daylight. :/
This is the last time you'll ever see this hole.
We now return to the regularly scheduled ending:
What it looks like now.

We are now taking bets as to how many times each of us walk in the door rather than just going through this gaping hole in the wall between now and the time it's rebuilt.  So far, we're at 1 each.

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  1. You guys are crazy! You're doing an awesome job though! I've run into the foil crap too on a lot of sidewall jobs, all with gaps. I think it's not that they dont overlap it; but rather that it rides up due to the siding expanding and contracting, or somekind of shrinkage going on (the latter not likely though). Keep up the good work! Anson


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