Today was QUITE a busy day!  I mowed the grass while Hubs got started on working. Lil C did.... something.  I'm not quite sure what.  She watched some TV (though not as much as you might think).  She strung some beads on some pipe cleaners, and read some books, and played outside a little bit.

Hubs started sheathing this wall:

Then he pulled up the ice&water barrier:
He only put up enough barrier around the window that he had laying around - we'll cut more off the roll later...
In case you're wondering about the different colors of plywood, yes, that IS pressure-treated plywood that we just installed.  Maybe it wasn't necessary.  But it made ME feel better to know that termites aren't likely to want to chew through it NEARLY as happily as they would through regular plywood.  And since they were ALL OVER this wall, I want to be POSITIVE they understand they are soooooooooooooooo NOT welcome here EVER AGAIN.

And then?  We GHETTO-FABULOUS'ed our whole wall.  Rockin' the Lowe's look.  It'll be like this for a LONG time, but not forever.

Ok, now  you're all screaming about half a dozen different issues.  I hear you, I hear you!  Shut up and listen:  This is TEMPORARY.  It's a permanent temporary solution - we'll leave it this way for several months.
1) I hear you yelling about the 8" gap under the window, above the wrap.  "The rain will get in behind it!!!"  No, it won't.  Yes, it COULD, but it won't.  It's rained BUCKETS here these past four weeks that this wall has been opened, and that part of the wall simply doesn't get rained on.  We'll take our chances.

2) "Where's the window???"  Yeah, yeah. It's under there.  Well, the opening is, anyway (you can actually see the dark spot behind the second-farthest logos).  The window itself is actually sitting inside that room.  We'll install it later.  We aren't leaving up this house wrap permanently.  We'll pull the whole thing off, put up some foam-board insulation, and all new siding.  Next summer.  Maybe.  In the meantime, I'm tired of bumblebees and carpenter ants flying in that window, just to fly back out.  Bugs are just NOT welcome in my house!!!

3)  Ok, I could only see two issues.  If you're still yelling about more, leave me a comment.  Or assume that we're probably aware of what you see and we'll get to it.  Later.  We ARE still kinda concerned about that gaping hole that has now shifted to the left of the picture, and isn't going to sew itself up as easily as this did.  (Hubs has to move the main drain out of the external wall.  That takes Some Planning.)

And speaking of planning, that's what's on tap for tomorrow.  I've prepared a different post for you tomorrow, since I don't see any sort of interesting post coming out of graph paper and HOURS of conversation, and maybe a second-time-this-weekend trip to Lowe's.

Oh, and YAY for Hubs being home all day on a Friday!!! :D

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