Termite Wall Framing

Hey folks!  I'm sorry I haven't posted in almost a week!!  Yes, I KNOW!!!!!!!  We were too busy working and I wasn't busy enough blogging.  My bad!  I've got a few posts lined up for this week, so start checking back again, k?

So we started wtih this.
Totally clear slab.  Then we went to Lowe's and got a butt-ton of cinder blocks.  Hubby had a steep learning curve in masonry, during which time the camera was banned.  He gets a little camera shy sometimes.
So he laid the blocks, and filled them with cement and the anchor bolts.
We busted out the work lamp and worked most nights this past week till 10.  We've also had a few chats with our neighbors.  They're all SUPER sweet, and none of them have minded yet.  I really hope they WILL come yell at us if we're too loud too late....  Anyway, back to the wall:
Add a couple top plates, a couple bottom plates, and some water&ice dam.
Add LOTS of lumber and VOILA!  It looks like a wall again! ...Mostly....
Hubs also found this.  More termite damage.
He got around to fixing it later that evening. 

Day 4.  Seriously.
It was cute the first few days.  Now we're tired of pulling made-overnight birds' nests from our temporary support.

Check back in tomorrow for the post about Moving The Temporary Support - a good time, I promise you.  Spoiler alert: we did NOT drop the 2x10s this time!!!  (We did the first time - it sucked.)

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