Hey y'all!  There hasn't been a whole lot of picture-worthy progress on the house in the last couple days, so I started taking pictures of my flowers.  I love 'em!
Turned to this.  In about 3 hours.
I have 1 whole daffodil.  And I LOVE it.
Grape hyacinth. Thank god for knowledgeable neighbors and friends!
This is my view every time I take a load from the basement to the dumpster.
The picture is kinda washed out - photography is NOT a hobby of mine - so it's hard to see, but the grape hycinth is at the bottom of the page, the green ground cover in the middle is where all those quaint purple flowers are, and then my daffodil is pretty obvious at the top.

Thanks for tuning in.  Enjoy the flowers while we plan our next projects so that there IS something worth blogging about!

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