The Temporary Wall

Welcome back!  Today we built a wall.  Um.  Let me rephrase.  Today, Hubs put together a couple 2x10s and stuck them up on super awesome columns and scrapped 2x4s and Ta-Da!  Presto chango, a new "wall".  Ok, so I have to describe to you what I had EXPECTED Hubs to build, before I show you what he DID build.  Cuz, ya know, a WALL should look like a WALL.  Top plate, bottom plate, 2x4s (or 2x6s for this, maybe?).
You know.  Like this!  (Which is no longer standing, BTW.)

But noooooooooooo.  Remember this room?
And remember all this?

Yeah.  So we need a new wall.  So Hubs went and laid this out on the floor:
You can see here, he's screwed 2 2x10s together, and the jack(s) will hold  it all up.
Wait, aren't we missing all the 2x4s????

So we laid it all out and Hubs actually spent enough time and TALKED to me about what he planned, exactly HOW I was supposed to help, and what the final product should look like.  Those short pieces of wood were going under the base of the jacks, and Hubs penciled in on the floor and the joists and the new lumber where everything should go and line up.  I was ready to go, so Hubs lifted it up, and I got the first jack in, no problem.  I got the second one in, too, but then as I was twisting it up to snug it up, the whole beam fell off the first one and Hubs had to lower the whole thing.  Enter some scrap 2x4s, a speed square, some talk about angles and bracing, Hubs' miter saw, and more lost looks from me than anyone should have to endure in one day.  More explaining, more lifting (which actually was NOT all that bad - putting up ceiling drywall is WAY harder!), and voila!  New wall!

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