I'm Easily Amused

My entertainment for the day yesterday was first waiting for, then watching The Dumpster Exchange.  Like, really, I think I need a life.
He dumped the empty one, drove around a bit trying to get the appropriate angle for retrieving the full one, picked it up, opened the door of the new one for me, and drove off.  No. Big. Deal.  So WHY did I take over 30 pictures???
Almost touch-down!

Hooking up the full one.

Look at how that heavy sucker's digging in!
And here I was hoping to get those front wheels off the ground - even just a TEENY tiny bit?  ...No luck. :(
Cover it all.

Keep covering....

And cinch it down tight!
And then he drove away, pulling his horn entirely for Lil C's benefit.  She squealed in delight. Oh yeah, but check THESE out!  I'm SO leaving this for Hubs to see!!
The full one dug in as he raised it!

My shoe for size comparison....

And lastly, the weight.  The truck driver guessed (based on how it felt going up onto the rails) 3-4 tons.  Hubs had guessed it to be in the range of 4 to 5 tons.  And they just called me to let me know the final number, based on the scales at the dump - 3.45 tons.  Driver called it. 

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