All Clean....For Now

What I did this morning.  I'll spare you all the starting pix and just show you the pretty clean ones. :)

Ok, you never SAW a "before" of the bathroom, so here.

Bathroom after. :D
This is the other side of the bathroom, just opposite the toilet.  There used to be a sink and vanity here.  Hubs made short work of those.
As clean as it gets!  ...considering he's still gotta rip out those studs...
All clean in the sump corner!

ALL CLEAN!!!!!!!
Just in time for Hubs to come back in and rip out the OUTSIDE wall.  And, because I know you would never ask about my horrible photography skills, the reason this picture is so... splotchy... is because it was still super dusty in this room.  I couldn't wait for the dust to settle to show you guys!!

Look back later today for a special bonus post!

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  1. You guys are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work. ~Natalie B.


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