Progress & More Leaks


My apologies for missing yesterday - my computer REFUSED to play nicely with my camera card. And, really, what's a blog post without pictures??  So here's what we've done:
I started with a nice clean corner.  
Then Hubs ripped it out.  And the ceiling.
Which turned into this.
And then we cleaned it up to this.  And by "we", I totally mean "ME".
 Notice the stairs in the above photo.  That's the tippy tip of the basement stairs.
And speaking of the bottom of the stairs....
This is the wall at the bottom of the stairs, in front of them (north wall).  Check out how, top to bottom, we see drywall, studs and insulation, and then.... the concrete wall??  Wait, what?  The studs don't go all the way to to the ground!!  FAIL.   (No, that's not cuz Hubs ripped it out before I could take a pic.  That's how it was.)

Anyway, moving on...
The view while sitting on the stairs now, looking into the basement!
If you look closely, toward the very bottom of the picture, you can see where the studs were anchored into the concrete.  So that's where another wall used to be.  Now we can start moving everything to this north concrete wall area and start in on fixing The Termite Wall (in the southeast corner).

And, lastly:
Remember this?
And this?
Well, as soon as we could take showers again:
I found more of this. :(
So we went back upstairs to look at the wet wall (the wall that has all the plumbing for the shower in it):

And I graciously allowed Hubs to break our 1-floor-at-a-time rule so he could turn this:
Yeah, he totally busted out that tile before I could even get the camera!
Into this:

So we could see this:
BTW, that's not our towel.  It was IN THE WALL.  I can't make this sh*t up....
Then Hubs went around the wall and took off the tub spout, and determined that the problem was the overflow faceplate.  In the above photo, that's the back of that pipe with the towel.  On the photo below, that's the silver plate that we all see in our tubs.
Yeah, we're short 1 tub spout in this pic...
Ours isn't very pretty.  But behind it was way worse:
But, clean it all off, realign it all, throw in a still-open wall, and a dash of awareness, and we're not TOO worried.
Hubs refuses to pose.  It's action shots or nothin'.
Another progress report tomorrow or Sunday (as Hubs works on Easter, anyway) on the basement and how we managed to completely fill the dumpster!


  1. I love ya' like a daughter - but I think I'll put off visiting for a few weeks, ahhh months, well let's just say for a while!

  2. But Moooooommmm! It's not THAT bad... yet! Come now, while you still can!!!! :D


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